Eva Rocha is a multimedia artist from Brazil. Her experiences in performance and theater in São Paulo, Brazil, with notable international groups and dramaturges such as Peter Brook (England) and Eugenio Barba (Italy); her research as an undergrad student in Cultural Studies and Arts in Brazil, the US and Peru, and MFA in Kinetic Imaging Art, inform her cross-disciplinary explorations of the archiving and embodiment of cultural trauma in the historic and contemporary artifacts. Her current work, which has been shown in many museums, and which is in private and public collections in Latin America and the United States, combines elements of performance, sculpture, set design, and video installation to comment on the fragmentation of personal/collective memory and the dehumanization of the artist and viewer in the present/absent object.

2016 Master of Fine Arts Virginia Commonwealth University, VCU School of the Arts – United States
2008 Art student at the Escuela de Arte Mario Urteaga, Cajamarca – Peru
2002 Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies: Cultural Studies in the Dramatic Arts, VCU/transferred from Universidade Estadual de Londrina — Brazil Magna Cun Laude

MUSEUMS special exhibitions
2019 Museum of Contemporary Art MOCA-VA New Waves 2019: Virginia Beach, VA March 2019. Virginia Beach, VA
2018-2017 Valentine Museum: “Coro”. Richmond, VA (April 2017-Feb 2018)
2017 Black History Museum: “The Pigeonhole”. Richmond, Va 

2017 Taubman Museum: Homeward Bound juried triennial. “I am not in the business, I am the business” and “Ode to the Object”. Roanoke,VA
2016 William King Museum: install of works “Bride”/”Dowry”/”Bulk”. Abingdon, VA.

2016 Museum of Contemporary Art MOCA-VA “Nicho” New Waves 2016. Virginia Beach, VA
2015 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts sculpture garden: installation “Object-Orientalis” during the 1708 Inlight Festival. Richmond, VA. 

2014 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: “After Botero’s After Velasquez” puppet commissioned for the event VMFA Family Day: Colombia displayed at VMFA’s Atrium. Richmond, VA
2013 Museo Brasileiro de Escultura MUBE: “Gilded” Cupcake Project. São Paulo, Brazil

2013 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: “Chancay Puppets” commissioned for the VMFA’s Family Day Peru – displayed at VMFA’s Atrium September 21 and subsequently displayed at Focus Education Gallery. Work acquired for the VMFA Education collection. 

2013 Grounds of Art Museum of Americas AMA installation “Procession: an installation for the Dead” inside the Virginia Center for Latin American Art Bus Gallery. Washington, DC

GALLERIES exhibitions
2018 The Depot: “Silent Chorus” installation. Richmond, VA
2017 Fed Galleries at Kendal College of Art and Design. ArtPrize9. Grand Rapids, MI

2017 Reynolds Gallery, two artists solo – gallery A. Richmond, VA
2017 Anderson Gallery Six Alumni ReachOut. Richmond, VA
2014 Art Space: solo installation “Fodder::Beauty”. Richmond, VA
2014 7th Biennial International Miniature Invitational Think Small: kinetic sculpture “#Latina” ArtSpace. Richmond, VA.
2011 6th Biennial International Miniature Invitational Think Small: hair drawing “Eaves” Art Space. Richmond, VA

2018 Memorial Room of the Fountain Street Church. Grand Rapids, MI
2017 Santa Fe Art Institute /front: Installation “Severed” during SFAI 140. Santa Fe, NM
2016 Tobacco Warehouse 14 – a solo on my own in a complex of 40 warehouses. Richmond, VA
2015 Tobacco Warehouse 14, solo on my own of all the work created from Abril of 2015 to Nov 2016 while occupying the space of a warehouse. Richmond, VA
2013 Flash installations: “Althea Godal” –Bird Theater; Street locations, 2013. Richmond, Va.


2015 Theresa Pollak Award for Excellence in the Arts / Emerging Artist 2015.
2016 Woman in the Arts recognition award, by Style Magazine Richmond, VA
2015 Winner of the People’s Choice Award for 1708 Gallery Inlight Festival at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: installation “Object- Orientalis”. Richmond, VA.

2015/2016/2017/2018 Collection of Pamela K. and William A. Royall, Jr.
My work has been collected by private collectors from the US and Brazil.

2018 “Body and Politics in Latinx America: Race, Gender, Sex and Performance” Dr. Mariela Mendez’s class: University of Richmond, VA.
2015 “I am Not Yanomami” part of the panel Race in the Media and Popular Culture present at “Ethnicity, Race and Indigenous People’s Conference” organized by the Department of Global Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, VCU.
2001 “The Landless Movement: A Culture of Empowerment in the Construction of Citizenship in Brazil:” for the anthropology course entitled “Ethnography of Latin American Contemporary Cultures” at VCU.


2017 Awarded Richmond Memorial Health Foundation Visiting Artist Project Grant. VA.
2017 Awarded Frey Foundation Seed-Grant to attend ArtPrize. Grand Rapids, MI
2017 Awarded CultureWorks Project Grant. Richmond, VA.


2017 Santa Fe Art Institute SFAI Equal Justice International sponsored residency at Santa Fe, NM
2017 The Anderson Gallery: Alumni Summer Studio Residency, VA.

2016 Vermont Center Studios: Artist resident, VT.

2015 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: artist resident during the exhibition “Rodin: Evolution of a Genius”. Richmond, VA.

2018 Silent Chorus-chosen Assistant Curator of Elizabeth A.Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum, Carmen Hermo, as ArtPrize Top Five in the Installation category. Grand Rapids, MI

2018 Woman’s Art Journal: Eva Rocha/Corpus of Memory: by Art-Historian Fredrika Jacobs: pgs 12- 21 / pg 66 color plates.
2017 Equal Justice on the Ground // Artists-in-residence at SFAI reroute criticism through creativity. Santa Fe reporter: installation “Severed” featured in the article: https:// Santa Fe, NM
2017 HEArts spotlight:Eva Rocha
2016 “The Memory Palace” //Artist Eva Rocha Prepares to Leave Richmond Warehouse.., warehouse-that-bore-her-biggest-work/Content?oid=2382069
2016 Eva Rocha// “Women in the Arts” by Style Magazine, Richmond, Va. March 5, Social contributions and project related to trafficking of women/ arts.
2015 Eva Rocha// “Theresa Pollak Award for Excellence in the Arts” category Emerging Artist. Richmond Magazine, October 2015.
2015 Inlight Announce winners: Installation “Object-Orientalis” by Eva Rocha, displayed at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) and selected for the People’s Choice Award at 1708 Gallery’s “inLight Richmond”, Va – an event attended by eleven thousand people: http:// for media. About the project: November 2015.
2012 Eva Rocha// “Powered by Purpose” Personalities/ Profile in an article in Belle Magazine: June-July 2012 issue, pg. 8.
2011 Human hair on fiberglass “Eaves” featured in Style Magazine article, “Let’s Get Small” on November 2, 2011, by which reviewed the 6th Biennial International Miniature Invitational – Think Small.

2013 Towards the Future in the Direction of Primal Art: An Anthropological Approach to Art: Quail Bell Magazine Nov 2013 issue. 
2001 Healing the Rupture: Jungian Perspectives on African Religion/Mythologies in the New World: published in “MACLAS – Latin American Essays” Volume XV.  Paper presented at XXII Middle Atlantic Conference of Latin American Studies -promoted by Howard University/ American University, Washington, D.C., March 30 – 31, 2001.  Publication by The University of Delaware Graphic Communications Center: Newark, DE.
2001 Academic researcher contribution: conducted extensive library research and gathered data on contemporary issues facing Brazilian women for the “Brazil” for Dr. Nathalie Lebon, Randolph Macon College, chapter in the Collectanea: Women’s Issues in Latin America edited by Amy Lind: Greenwood Publishing. Richmond, VA (2001).

2002 Nominated to the Prêmio de Literatura Latinoamericana y del Caribe Juan Rulfo 2000 for the play “Um Leito de Água Doce” –original theatrical text about the Landless People of Brazil- by national magazine Isto É’s journalist, Debora Lerrer (2000).
1999 A winner of the “Brazilian National Poetry Contest Helena Kolody-1999” sponsored/ and published by the State Department of Culture and the Federal University of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

2015-2016 Kappa Phi Scholarship for “Advance/advocate the Presence of Women in High Education”;
2015-2016 Roos Memorial Scholarship;
2015-2016 Professional Student Scholarship;
2015-2016 B. Clopton Scholarship;
2001-2002 The Joan Rexinger Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Scholarship, VCU.
2001-2002 The Rozanne Epps Scholarship.
2002 The National Society of Collegiate Scholarship;
2002 The International Society of Collegiate Scholarship;
2002 Golden Key International Honor Society;
2002 College of Humanities and Sciences of Virginia Commonwealth University to the Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship;
2002 Nontraditional Studies Alumni Association Achievement Award;
2001 Who’s Who Award for Leadership.